The Lizard King

Sometimes you hear the name of a band, and you like them before even hearing a single song.  Well actually, that only happened to me once, and it was after I heard about a band called King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.  I could just end the blog post right here.  Best band name of all time.  They are from Australia, and their genre is described as “psychedelic rock”.  Again, I like it without even listening to a song.  But I listened anyway, and they are awesome!  They’ve released 5 albums since 2012, so they are ridiculously prolific, which I love.  They have a ton of great songs, and their sound really changes from album to album.  When I get to know them better I will be able to write a more in depth analysis, but in the meantime here’s a very catchy song from their latest album.