Who Loves the Sun?

I’m going to use this song in one of my movies, once I have a big enough budget to afford the rights.  No one steal my idea!  It would be great to use over a montage of someone who just got dumped or something.  Probably the opening scene of the movie.  Or maybe the last scene as the credits come up.  It’s an awesome song because the words are sad and depressing, but the melody is upbeat and jolly.  They kind of throw you off and I love the vibe.  Although The Beatles did it first, I like that they have someone coughing in the background at 1:05, 1:07.  And obviously the psychedelic interlude at 1:57 is fun.  An added layer of why I like this song is that the Velvet Underground were very much not a pop band.  A lot of their music actually feels like an assault on the senses (in a good way).  So I feel like this song is meant to be ironic, like they were singing it to pretend they were the Beach Boys or one of THOSE bands.