World Without Love

I get very excited when I learn something new and fun about The Beatles.  You think you know all there is to know, and then bam!  You find out about a Paul McCartney song you’ve never heard before.  A song he wrote as a teenager, but which was deemed unusable by The Beatles.  So in 1964 Paul gave it to Peter Asher, brother of Paul’s longtime girlfriend Jane Asher.  The song went to #1 in both England and the US.  It’s pretty catchy!  Paul gave Peter a few other songs, but this was the first and most successful.  But as if that wasn’t fun enough… look at Peter Asher!  HE IS AUSTIN POWERS!!!!  As soon as I saw this video I knew the character had to have been based on him, and after a quick Google search, it was confirmed.  The best moment is 0:32.  It’s kind of eery.  Those teeth!

Edit:  The video I originally posted was taken off YouTube 😦  Trying to locate it somewhere else, but in the meantime here is a different version.


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