Roll Over Beethoven (And Tell Tchaikovsky The News)

I recently found myself in the vicinity of a jazz band.  It was a decent size band (maybe 10 or 11 people), with a big horn section.   They were playing jazz (funnily enough) and the music was kind of in the background for me.  But then for some reason they started playing a piece by Beethoven.  I only knew it was Beethoven because they said it was, but it definitely sounded familiar.  And it was so good.  I had been in the middle of a conversation but I had to stop talking for a couple of minutes to listen to this piece.  I knew I must have heard it in a movie…  It’s probably been in a bunch of movies, but I realized the one I was thinking of was The King’s Speech (crazy scene at the end when the king gives the speech).  Anyway, hearing it this week really had an impact on me, and for the last few days I’ve been listening to non-stop Beethoven.

It got me thinking how there are so many similarities between Mozart/Beethoven on the one hand, and  Beatles/Rolling Stones on the other.  (Mozart=Beatles, Beethoven=Rolling Stones).  I’ll preface by saying I know almost nothing about classical music.  And truthfully I think the comparison is insulting to The Beatles (and to Mozart and Beethoven).  But here goes.  Mozart and Beethoven came from the same country, with Mozart coming on the scene slightly before Beethoven, and Beethoven being very influenced by Mozart.  Mozart was extremely prolific, but didn’t last very long (died at 35).  Beethoven was also prolific but was on the scene for much longer.  (The individual Beatles were/are around for a while, but as a group they only lasted a few years.  As opposed to the Rolling Stones who seem to be immortal.)  Both Mozart and The Beatles have critically acclaimed movies nominated for multiple Academy Awards (Amadeus and A Hard Day’s Night).  But…the Beatles also recorded a song called Roll Over Beethoven… so I guess in the end my conclusion is that The Beatles are both Mozart and Beethoven!

(how awesome is the guy at 2:45)


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