Too Old To Lose it, Too Young To Choose It

I used to feel bad in high school when I would use the library to take out CDs instead of books.  But I got over it.  One day I was sifting through the non-alphabetized mess of library CDs and I came across the David Bowie Singles Collection.  The name sounded vaguely familiar so I added it to that day’s pile.  I ended up listening to nothing else for a couple of weeks, and then before returning the CD to the library, I burnt a copy for myself.  Felt kind of bad about that too…  Anyway, I was very intrigued by him!  Musically, his songs were melodic and catchy, but very often it sounded like he was purposely singing in a weird way, like he was sabotaging his own songs.  He whines a lot, he yells, he groans.  But obviously I realized that’s what makes him so cool.  Super talented, but with a combination of attitude and seeming to not care.  One of my fav songs is Rock n Roll Suicide.  Its structure reminds me of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.  It starts very calm and simple, and builds up and up until it reaches this high energy orchestral scream.  So much emotion.  I also loved his cameo in Zoolander.


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