It’s Just a Box of Rain

When I was younger I used to go rummaging through our house, looking for treasure or anything else that seemed interesting (this was in the days before Facebook and YouTube).  One Sunday afternoon when I was about 10, I discovered an old wooden trunk hidden away deep in the storage room of our basement.  I blew off some of the dust coating the trunk, and cautiously opened it up.  Inside there were stacks of strange and very thin books, and this was the one right on top:

I saw the word “Dead” and I saw a creepy witch holding a knife and I totally freaked out.  I immediately closed the trunk, put it back where I found it, and subsequently had nightmares about it for months.  I didn’t tell anyone about the incident, but eventually I figured out what those skinny books were.  They were my dad’s record collection from college, and after getting my first record player a few years later, I went through the records with my dad and with his permission I picked out the ones that looked cool.  I left “Wake of the Flood” in the trunk, and that cover still freaks me out.  Despite that traumatic introduction to the band, I ended up falling in love with the Grateful Dead.  This was the first song of theirs that I heard.


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