It’s How We Know Now To Never Go Back

I first heard this song on WFUV, the radio station where I discover a lot of new music (90.7 in NY).  It sounded to me like James Mercer from The Shins, but I Shazam’ed it and Shazam told me that it was a song called Brill Bruisers by The New Pornographers.  I don’t know what a Brill Bruiser is, and to be honest I can barely make out any of the lyrics in the song.  What was funny was that I ended up looking up the lyrics, but even after I found out the words they are saying, I still had no idea what they were talking about.  Maybe they aren’t saying anything.  Not every weird song has deep philosophical undertones.  I’ve heard people say that they don’t really pay attention to lyrics in songs, that’s not why they listen.  For me lyrics are very important, and I always listen to what the singer is saying.  Great lyrics can be the difference between a mediocre song and a classic.  I’ve always thought that a lot of Paul Mccartney’s solo stuff could have been a lot better if his lyrics were a little more interesting/edgy/provocative.  However, sometimes a song is so catchy that it doesn’t really matter if the lyrics are incomprehensible (Movits is a great example).  Brill Bruisers is one of those songs.  I love the harmonies, and I love the “poba obapa oh” thing they keep doing.  I also LOVE the video game noise that comes in for the first time at 0:45.  Listening to this song at full blast feels like riding in a convertible with the top down.

P.S.- I just found this video of A.C. Newman discussing the song.  Check out what song he references, and watch till the end to see what OTHER song/album he references.  This dude has some seriously good musical taste.


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