I Am The Scarecrow

I have a very close friend who’s favorite band is Counting Crows.  I’m always intrigued when someone tells me that they have a favorite band.  Well I guess more intrigued when that band is not The Beatles.  Cuz then I’m just like, what does that band have that The Beatles don’t??  But if it’s a friend I respect then I will take their preference seriously and I will give that band a chance.  So due to this friend’s love of Counting Crows, I wound up going to a number of Counting Crows concerts and listening to a lot of their music over the years. They had some really powerful songs in their prime, and I kind of understand the allure.  Adam Duritz seems like a really interesting, if somewhat depressed dude (Jewish, btw).  But their prime was 20 years ago.  Their new album can’t possibly be good, right?  Well it is!  This was the first song I heard from it, and I loved it immediately.  It really sounds like their vintage stuff.  It’s even a little meta, being that they are the Counting Crows and the song is Scarecrow.  I’m not exactly sure what the significance is, but there has to be something.  To me the style is very Dylan-esque.  Sort of stream of conscious, lots of attitude, and the words flow really well and sound profound, whether or not they actually are.


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