Comin’ From Philly

I do not speak a word of Swedish.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy Swedish swing/hip hop!  Somehow Stephen Colbert found out about these guys and had them on his show in 2009.  Colbert even had their album released in America on the Comedy Central label, which had previously never put out a non-comedy album.  But even with the “Colbert Bump” Movits! never really caught on in the US.  Probably bc of the Swedish.  But I love these guys.  I don’t need to know what they are talking about (sometimes things they say sound like English, hence the title of this post, based on the opening line of the song).  They all speak English fluently, but unlike other Swedish artists like Abba, Ace of Base and Avicii, Movits! has never done a song in English.  As they explained at a show in NY a few years ago, they decided to stay true to their roots instead of trying to sound American.  I definitely respect that, but I also kind of wish I understood Swedish.  I’ve been wearing Converse All Stars ever since I saw this video.

The “Colbert Bump” in action-

The song:


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