What’s Gonna Be? Don’t Look At Me

As much as I love The Beatles, when it comes to their solo stuff I’ve never been too blown away.  Don’t get me wrong!  I think each of them made some amazing music, especially in the years immediately following the breakup (yes, even Ringo).  To put it into perspective, I think that at their best, solo John or Paul or George are on par with any of the rock legends.  That is no small feat.  It’s just that as The Beatles they were completely in a stratosphere of their own.

Anyway, I’ve always thought it was funny how Paul reflects on the past with such despair in the song “Yesterday”.  He looks back on happier times, more carefree times.  But now his troubles are here to stay.  He is not even half the man he used to be!  Poor guy. 😦  He was 23.  49 years later in 2014 at the age of 72, Paul is singing a very different tune.  To be fair, most of Paul’s songs are optimistic and happy, sometimes to the point of silliness.  But “New” really resonates with me.  It is cautious, yet hopeful.  Unsure, yet optimistic.  He has gone through his share of setbacks and challenges.  But he isn’t dwelling on the past.  Now he is looking forward.  He still believes in new beginnings.  New feelings.  New music.  His insanely positive attitude is nothing short of inspiring, and I hope he is able to keep up that energy for many years to come.


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